Our goal is to improve the quality of life for SCD sufferers and their families.

We also aim to provide quality and comprehensive services to SCD sufferers, their families and the general public in order to;

  • Help ameliorate the suffering and contribute to improving the life expectancy of carriers of this disease.
  • Increase the public awareness of Sickle Cell Disease.
  • Reduce the number of new cases.
  • Support and promote scientific research in Sickle Cell Disease.


We plan to achieve our goals by one of or all of the following:

1. Paying medical bills for indigent sufferers
a. Hospitalization bills.
b. Blood transfusion (where required).

2. Providing medication
a. monthly distribution of needed multivitamins and anti-malarial.
b. Pain medicine where required (for hospitalized patients).

3. Provide meal support/enhancement for indigent sufferers
a. Monthly distribution of Milk, Cocoa drinks, Soy Powder, etc.

4. Provide scholarships to young indigent registered members to help pay for College or University tuition to ensure they have a bright future.

5. Organizing Counseling programs that provide support for sickle cell patients and their families Group/ one-on-one enlightenment campaign/seminars.

6. Educational programs- giving encouragement to patients and their families.

7. Counseling services.

8. Health promotional seminars / Sickle Cell awareness expo, among others.