Noah’s Ark Foundation For Sickle Cell (NAFFSC) has a Board of Trustees consisting of the following members

Osasele Anita Esangbedo
An SCD sufferer, Ossy as she is popularly called has suffered a lot as a sufferer and family member of SCD sufferers. She lost her immediate elder brother (Odiase Esangbedo) to this disease in 1993, she has consistently been in and out of hospital suffering from SCD crisis. This is a disease she would not wish on her worst enemy. In year 2009, when it was discovered that her beloved nephew was also an SCD sufferer, she decided that enough was enough and thus the idea was this foundation was formed.
She is a graduate of Health … and a diploma holder in Social works from the University of Benin.

Sarah Ajose-Adeogun
Sarah was born into a family where two of her siblings suffered from SCD and she also has a son born with the same disease. She has seen firsthand the ravaging and painful effects of this disease and has vowed to help in this cause and ensure that no one needs to feel the pain of watching a loved one go through a painful crisis, helpless on ways to help and alleviate the pain.
She is a project manager (Upstream Business) with Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Francis Momoh
Francis lost a very close friend and room-mate to SCD and since then he vowed that he would use all resources available at his disposal to fight this scourge, fund researches that would help with a cure and support families that have to go through this suffering.
A graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Benin, he is the Managing Director CEO of Builders Home Store.

Cordelia Osidele
Cordelia as a pharmacist is very much aware of SCD and she has also lost a sibling from this disease and as such she has vowed to use all resources available to her to help sickle cell patients and help fight this disease.
She is a pharmacist with Wal-mart pharmacy.

Rev Father Jude Onogbosele J.C.L
Fr Jude as he is popularly called is a family friend to the Esangbedo’s and knows all the pains the family have gone through from SCD.
Fr Jude is a pastor at St. Edward the Martyr Catholic church, sisters, Oregon and judge Pro Tem Marriage Tribunal in the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, USA.
He is the spiritual advisor of Noah’s Ark Foundation For Sickle Cell.

Dr Tokunbor Efeovbokhan
Dr Tokunbor holds a Doctorate degree in Geriatrics and he has a vast knowledge about sickle cell disease.

Other board members include:

Mrs Obehi Idahosa
Barr. Ifueko Nehikhare
Mr Francis Ofulue